Trip2, week2. Pireaus to Parikia.

Up at 5.30 to get ready and onto the metro ride to Pireaus 😣 In the dark, more so with a short power cut on the train 😮

Seemed packed in the ship, but probably only half full.

You see, the done thing is spread your bags out over as many seats as possible perhaps even pretend to be asleep and have another 3 seats. Selfishness on a mass scale.

Sat outside, didn’t bother me but to others with the wind it was “Baltic”.

4 and a bit hours, ferry nice, my preferred mode of mass transit.

Not far to the hotel too, getting good at this planning lark.

Omg it’s dead, probably a blessing after the city bustle. 👍 Windy but not wet.

Lovely room near the pool. Family place,cozy.😁

Wow what a fab place Parikia is…

Bit honeymoonish

Reminds me more if Spain with the whitewash and narrow streets.

More lively in the evening, shops restaurants and cats, clean and classy.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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