Trip2, Week1. Lycabettus Hill.

Looks a long way up, impressive.

Huffing and puffing… you need a cable car to get to the cable car! Still I like them.

Not this one 5euros for minutes in a dark tunnel with the incessant chattering of Chinese women, so much for serenity !

Straight into the cafe, weird, lovely views of course.

Pleasant and quiet walk across and back down through he woods, that’s better.

Shared at the meeting that’s 11 now, getting to be an old hand, all off the cuff and reasonably coherent.

It’s Sunday, let’s go to the local church, just a couple of blocks.

Haha it’s only the Church of Saint Panteleimon of Acharnai. Greek orthodox and the second largest in Greece concecrated in 1930. Stayed for most of the ceremony, more of a family type gathering, lots of chanting & wailing, very atmospheric.

The dome and artwork are amazing, took Giannis Karouzos a staggering 23 years to complete it all.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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