Trip2, Week1. Victoria & Glyfada

I found out what the graffiti means.

It’s a crew from Berlin and stands for “one united power” They invaded earlier his year ! Check out this video..

1UP Athens

The fellowship have their own place in Athens on the 6th floor.

I got permission to do a short video. Cool place huh ?..

More settling and inspirational today with shares of overcoming fears. It’s a 2 mile walk back to my apartment.

Nice through the park near Victoria Square. Dispite reported migrant influx it’s clean and feels safe…

Teenage Afgan whores

On a lovely day a trip to the beach is in order, locals have a jumper or jacket on ! Winter is here… not.

They call it their Riviera, 15 km or so, fat end of an hour, bearable unless you miss the connection as I always do 🙄

Lovely bar and beach, good job the hurricane wrecked all the beach furniture or it would be 8euros to get in. 🤑

The beach is near a nice suburb called Glyfada, lots of designer shops and trendy cafes.

Plus (or is it) tram direct back to the city, took ages 😮

It’s like a jungle sometimes, makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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