Trip2, Week1, Monastiraki & Keramikos.

It looks exactly as the Airbnb website, not always the case !

Balcony too, the high trees make it quite surreal.

Nice, but wonder what that graffiti means ?

Seems a fairly commercial area, opposite car repairs and a cafe next door. Bit noisy at rush hour.

Got unpacked and organised, my usual local walkabout.

First meeting yesterday with a story of a lady, wrong crowd, wrong men (trophy) dispite long periods of sobriety the abuse and disappointment of the past couldn’t be shaken. Most stories give me respect and admiration however she seems to be hanging on by her fingernails, shaking, haggered, really quite tragic.

The burnt out bus cheered me up 🤣

I don’t dig paying to see archeological sites 🤣

3rd time in Athens and I noticed a pub for the first time! Cats having a chill party near the lazy bulldog made me giggle.

Monastiraki square at the foot of the Acropolis, great to be back.

Added a few small lightweight touches from my backpack of tricks to feel more at home.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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