Trip2 Week1, Leeds to Athens.

Here we go, here we go again, 6 months yeah. Back on the 27th March just in time for my boozeless birthday. There was a post planned back in August for Pireaus the largest passenger port in Europe (another good reason to be based in Athens) but I had my phone and credit card lifted on the metro.

*Shrugs* to be expected if you don`t have zippered pockets, stand infront of the doors in a crowded carriage and don`t heed the now seemingly obvious threat of rough looking scumbags. 3 seconds tops…..barge, pickpocket, get off, doors close, train leaves, oh no, too late. Btw the tourist police were apathetic, totally shite.

Commuters at Acropolis metro station in Athens

Intresting thing is whilst that, the taxi ripoff in Chennai, phone fiasco in Goa & missed connections have wound me up along the way there is no lasting or recurring damage of resentment as no relationships are involved. Paradoxically recently I have made most of my ammends to those I have hurt due to my illness/diaability whilst having to have a good look at relationships due to “contempt prior to investigation”. Being a recovering alcoholic is not good enough for some people.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για prejudice quotes

Quite a shock being a member of a minority group for the first time and experiencing predudice and all that goes with it. Must remember as the pink cloud disipates to be careful with my anonymity, haha as he posts a link to this on FB. So quite a dry drunk experience but nice on my final full day here to have both a wedding and a convention, old family and new family, I can toast that with a glass of lime and soda !

Starting off as I mean to go on, NO RUSH, that lime and soda at the station before the depart.

I don`t get wound up by what the prejudice against westerners and christians has done to air travel !

Infact it amuses me, people watching is a great way to experience the “now”.

Couple of delays, stuck on the tarmac almost an hour and…..

….just missed the train to Athens another 30 minutes on top of the hour it takes so more like 9 hours in total door to door, cake walk.

Airports Greece Leeds Trains

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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