Not much if any touristy stuff this week as I have done it or will do it in October. I am planning on staying here for at least a month. So a few days checking out some suburbs to rent an Airbnb.

Walking around, cup of tea, generally sussing each out.

Why ???

Remembering the serenity prayer…

I accept that I cannot change the fact that the UK is a constant ripoff, has a miserable climate and is becoming a multicultural mess, but I have got the courage to change my environment and life by leaving for most of any given year.

I was originally planning on doing China but life is not a long tourist jaunt, for me the experience of living in a different environment and culture is important.

£130 for the council to just approve the change of wording on a headstone.

“You’re taking the piss”. Well, I am sick of saying it.

Britain is a great country to live in if you are upperclass, underclass or wish to come and blend in with either. In-between and you constantly get your eyes poked out & kicked in the groin.

Captured a nice sunset from the balcony after another meeting.

I was actually going to go at lunchtime but cocked it up, map of me trying to find the bus stop at Omonia, metro has 4 exits didn’t know which one I had used, missed my ride of course.

Buses Greece Towns & villages

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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