Kefalonia to Patras

Had a stroll up to the village at Lourdata and spent a couple of hours chilling. I love listening to locals chatting, that’s when you can hear them above the insect noise !…

Ooooo interesting, would be rude not to.

Nothing much Magic about a restaurant on a hill, it’s overlooking the beach. Not going down there again without oxygen and a Sherpa !

So, minimal exploring on Kefalonia, nice place and people from what I saw. I did get a good feel from the taxi ride to Sami and the ferry, George was fun the further £70 was my fault for not reseaching the islands public transport before booking, hey ho !

Enjoyed the 3 hour chill out on deck, lots settled in my mind particularly people connections. 2 years ago it was over 60 now down to 16 plus the fellowship and my higher power of course.

If it’s 45 minutes from the port to the hotel, how come I can see the boat from my balcony ? I could always sue Google maps for the 6 euros for 200m by taxi !

Hotel more than adequate and it’s great to watch the world go by.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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