Kotor to Lake Skadar

Kotor a port/town about the size of Otley is best described as an unspoilt gem, for now anyway !

There are only a handful of hotels hence plenty of rooms to rent, plus just a few cruise ships a week.

Today it’s out on a boat, private trip 👍😀

Love speedboats, first stop is Our Lady of the Rocks

an artificial island created by sinking old and seized ships loaded with rocks.

Nearby is the village of Perast, short stroll and a nice cup of tea 😁

Bus to Petrovac then a taxi onto Virpazar.

Passed through the resort of Budva, a taste of things to come sizeable with highrise hotels and beach toys. Montenegro’s only typical Mediterranean style resort.

In contrast Virpazar is tiny and only one if 2 tourist towns in a massive lake which is both Montenegro and Albania.

My appatment is a sizeable the family having converted their upstairs, another jaw dropping view too.

Hot day, breeze on the lake will be welcome.

The family own 2 boats too, another private trip, more leisurely this time.

It’s a huge 48km in length but we only scratched the western end. There are no passenger ferries here at all.

The hills are affectionately known as a Svetlana after a famous singer from Belgrade.

Had a lovely fish supper with the family but I was also on the menu, mossies ravaged me. So a night in scratching and spraying 😬😩

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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