Mostar to Dubrovnik

Bus isn’t till 1, so just over the river is the snipers tower from the war 25 years ago, shame you can’t get in.

Not much more to see in Mostar but just down the road and a quick taxi is the little monastery at Blagaj.

Bus station is not where Google says *sighs*

And it was 15 minutes late ! Are we in Derby again ?

A 3 hour trip turned into 5 with a major delay at the first of 3 border crossings, 50 passengers and clearly a few problems, couple of freaky looking girls never made it back on the bus.

Guess which is the Bosnian checkpoint…

Tenner taxi then down a ginnel, round a snicket and there it is, my digs.

Top top view, worth the extra Kuna !

Today’s other reflection is from the bullet torn snipers tower.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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