Leeds to Milan

So why a pic if a lighter in a bag ? To remember security at Mancy Wanky airport. Only 1 plastic bag allowed for liquids, I had 2, chucked mouthwash and toothpaste away to fit all in 1 bag.

Held up for 15 minutes for a bag search, the lighter is liquid and should have been in a bag, so they put it in one!! Pissed myself laughing while others were spitting blood.

Now where is the Hotel ?Walked up and down, Google maps can’t be wrong….ahhh there it is, excellent signage !

Basically a shared flat, just a room with a half decent view.

Going to be a nice day here. UK also, early summer huh ? Last year it was on a Wednesday too 🤣

Wearing my Studio 54 shirt for Milan which is cool and trendy well it was in 1977 ! Problem is I now have the Bee Gees growing around my head.

Greatful it’s sunny and I am sober.

Oooooo another song…

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as…..Parklife.

In Parc Sempione is the Sforzesco Castle, not bad.

Bosco Verticale is more Milano..

This is why all Milan Hotels are silly money this week..

Duomo di Milano and the square is impressive but the 2 hour queue isn’t nor is a fast pass for £20.

They don’t have malls in Dubai like this..

Back to Bergamo, rail station is a nice piece of architecture.

And…..here is a cat for my sister 😙

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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