Day 122.. Lucerne.

Should be clear most of the day so mountains here I come.

Trains are never late…Swiss time.

Fabulous clean and classy place, the river, lake buildings old and new all around the station.

Liked the Kapellbruke a wooden bridge spaning the river diagonally and the art gallery.

Just 10 minutes bus and a short walk to the cable car.

It’s a half hour ride up Mount Pilatus overlooking Lucerne with view into the Alps.

The cable car goes up in 3 stages, the latter the “dragon ride” gives an unnerving flying feeling as it glides across a seemingly impossible chasm in one stretch !

2132m is that all ! My Nepal hotel was higher.

This time with no low cloud.. magnificent views of the Alps with the Matterhon nearest.

Coffee cheaper than Venice too.

Really impressed, should be for 40 quid!

I do like Swiss style the underpass at Zurich station is a shopping mall .

Made it to my last meeting it was on the 12+12. Mix of Germans, French, Swiss and English, 17 of us, most formal yet, they have a swearing bell !

Cable Cars Mountains Switzerland Trains

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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