Day 119..Abu Dhabi to Istanbul Airport.

Couple of hours zzzzz then up at 12.30 packing and off we go again. Istanbul Flight at 4, best way into Europe cheaply. Crosses fingers as if night flights go wrong they go proper wrong.

Abu Dhabi gets the thumbs up from me apart from the prices of course. More spread out than Dubai and apparently younger, lots of development going on. It’s quiet almost a ghost town in parts. Didn’t go downtown, next time, this place needs more than 3 days

Breeze at Abu Airport just waited an hour for the check-in queue to go down.

It’s a great Airport but the Tony award for coolness goes to Mumbai.

Just a puking, crying child on the same row at take off and then actually got some kip.

I am afraid Istanbul isn’t as nice and efficient as Abu. Hour and a bit immigration, then back to the typical Turkish travel turmoil even though the hotel is 140m away !

You can see it but can’t walk there, building site for the metro in the way. Shuttle bus, waited 20 minutes, you have to call from a telephone which took another 10 minutes to find, after having to go back through security to enter the airport. Not tired so laughing was easy.

Just hung around the hotel for a day, dozing and doing nowt. Booked this as Istanbul is over an hour away and I just can’t be arsed, been there done it.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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