Day 118..Abu Dhabi.

Morning trip to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, 20 minutes by taxi for £14 makes it a staggering 21 times more expensive than Mumbai.

Wow it’s white and bright, shades on.

It’s quiet enough to take in the spiritual ambiance.

Immaculate & extremely Impressive, special place.

After a nap it’s back on the shuttle bus to the Yas Marina F1 circuit.

Rest day today ( whatever that is ) so no access to the track but a great view from the cafe balcony.

Fancy driving the 458 ? I do, but my bank account might suffer at a wallet crushing £800 !

Onto Ferrari world, next to Yas Mall.

Under a massive dome, classy & cool. Fairly kiddified as you would expect, but well done.

Plenty of cars on display, what a suprise !

There is the Formula Rossa, what I came for..

Fastest rollercoaster in the world. 0 to 145 mph in 2 seconds, didn’t have breakfast and pants were empty after !

How about a picture of the experience ? Just £20!

Errmmmm nope.

Plenty of shopping, insert card, remove brain. 145 to 0 in 2 seconds !

Nice keyrings, they should be at £15.

Abu Dhabi Mosques shopping Theme parks & rides

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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