Day 116 & 117..Mumbai to Abu Dhabi.

Having forward planned as I know Abu Dhabi is expensive I put my laundry in on Saturday, not ready grrrr as I leaving my bags a few hours before airport time. Then “laundry man already been”, lost it more grrrr. Eventually found it, still dirty, extra grrrr.

23 minutes my arse, an hour ! Gateway to India erected to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Mary on their visit to India in 1911 Nearby is the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

The boats leave from here to Elephanta island an hour each way, that’s pushing now thanks to traffic and laundry, it so shadow chasing and very cold drinks as it’s 36C again.

Cant take the heat so, Aircon taxi and early to Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport.

What a great surprise there is a botanical garden outside which kind of merges into T2 which was built in 2014.

A marvel if engineering, worth a look around for its modern features and clever artwork.

Haha it’s a tourist attraction.

Bike rental, that sounds like a good idea, it’s all flat if course, easy too, 4 quid for a day. Yas Mall is the other side of the F1 circuit, a couple of km I guess. There is a Carrefour there (nearest shop) I need some clothes that’s cheaper than laundry.

Just great ! There is no docking point for the bike it’s on the other side of the mall, around is over a mile super grrrrr. F**k that. Forward planning not good as there is a free shuttle bus. Caught it after a sulk and some childish teddy throwing !

I found the supermarket in the basement, not on map, no signs, you wouldn’t want tourists buying t-shirts for 4 quid in a massive mall of flash shops would you ? I did.

The hotel is in an area of half a dozen or so at Yas Plaza, nice, very nice.

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