Day 111.. Kathmandu to Nagarkot.

In case you didn’t know Nepal is famous for Hashish.

Another Rickshaw driver offered me some, that’s gotta be half a dozen to date, very tempted but sobriety is not just booze.

Sankar the Skankar my agent was not a happy bunny when I cancelled my 2nd trip after his cockup, got decidedly pissy infact. Nice bloke shame he is a blagging money chaser. I suppose you have to expect cowboys in “a fist full of Rupees” ! I was Nepalled by his attitude but still had a Zip-a-dee katmandu-dah kinda day.

Taxi to Bhaktapur then onto Changunarayang today.

Very touristy in Bhaktapur, another entry fee, ouch tenner this time into the town basically a building site full of parasites.

Bought a couple of things from Shrigana, she was very good, fun too, our bartering had attracted a few blokes. 20 years ago my ego and I would have made her look small and weak, today I let her win.

After making it clear to all that I didn’t want a guide a young lad said he wasn’t one but a student then proceeded to tell me how the earthquake of 2015 destroyed the family home. Swerved him by grabbing a coffee.

Nepal is also famous for trekking, just a 17km hike for me, sunny and 16C clouding over later so ideal. Driver took my rucksack to the hotel.

Just 17km !!! It’s a long way over the top through villages and woodland and even behind a cattle shed.

Hazy but still some fab views.

I lost the trail ( no signs so you need a guide, very good price sir ) and ended up on the main dusty road, I am afraid I cheated and did the last 3 miles by Taxi to Nagarkot.

A small town standing at 2175m ( twice the height of Snowdon ) it’s a popular stop for hikers and mountain biking. Eventually finished up at the Hotel after almost 5 hours. Feet need a soak and tiger balm.

Hiking Mountains Nepal Temples

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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