Day 109.. Kathmandu.

My hotel is on the fringe of Thamel which is the tourist area of the city originating from the hippie days of the 60’s.

As it worked so well in Cambodia I have arranged a driver for a few days this time through one of the many agents. First up the Kathmandu valley.

Lovely view of the dust and smog !

Swayambhuna meaning “self sprung” is one of the most visited of Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Short climb to a lively temple with many stalls, on the intrusive and pushy scale the traders score a tolerable 4.

Also known as the monkey temple.

Back into the city…..Hold on this is not the valley. Driver does not seem to understand but hey-ho I was going to do the temples anyway.

At Durbar square Bunu and I had some photo fun, a Hindu and a sound bloke.

Durbar Square is the generic name used to describe plazas and areas opposite the old royal palaces in Nepal. It consists of temples, idols, open courts, water fountains.

I don’t fancy yours much !

Pashupatinath Temple looks interesting, shame only Hindus can enter.

Best not try, they might be keeping an evil eye on me.

By far the best spiritual feeling of was at the Budda Stupa.

Despite being busy there was that special sense of peace.

On the roof is Spongebudda !

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