Day 106..Kuala Lumpur.

Good Morning KL, what a view, gonna be one of those days.

Off to the Caves today it’s just a short ride and the 2nd station is just the other side of the mall.

Bugger track maintenance, tells me to go all the way downtown and get a shuttle bus back past here to a station 2 miles away. No way but downtown to KL Sentral to suss the centre out.

Nearest mall, oops WiFi doesn’t work, best find a cafe, Ahhhh chilli chilli has it, it’s a 5 story mall with no maps/guides but found the food court.

No chilli in sight, I can use the sun, towers should be south. Yeah but further away from the hotel, I give up grrrrr.

Well there is the KLIA, Rapid, MRT, LRT so after buying a ticket to the wrong place on the wrong line eventually found myself on the platform with the doors closing grrrrr.

Things get better with great half hour chat with fellow bewildered travellers Richard and Janice from the West Midlands, then the second I walked in the hotel the heavens opened.

If at first you don’t succeed and all that. So KLCC park on my way to meeting #17.

Packed with families, they need a bigger park.

Petronis towers……went up them last year, rest of the time in KL I was pissed so did nowt else !

Onto the meeting, fat end of an hour, eventually found a note in a window.

Made it but late, good job I got something from the shares !

buildings Greif and Stress Malaysia Meetings Trains

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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