Day 98 & 99.. Singapore.

Moved rooms, yays a window, sort of.

Rooms are cat swingers though. Has a nice pool and restaurant area all very new, it’s integrated with a mall, an almost empty mall !

Good view of the birdlife, cranes !

Nice park walk of about 700m to the nearest MRT (metro) station.

Then just 20 minutes to the downtown hub. A long roasting walk right around the bay to suss things out.

I do like wildlife, forests, etc. Also I love and have missed a clean concrete jungle.

The spectacular Marina Bay Sands dominates with its 2561 rooms, shops, casino,celebrity chef restaurants, skating rink, etc in and below it’s 3 towers it’s all topped with a staggering boat shaped skygarde complete with infinity pool, opened in 2010.

Had a chat with Mick from Manchester who’s friend has a room for the night and is hosting a small party. Sadly no invite, won’t be staying there here myself at £500 a night! Will pay to go and see the roof tho.

There is of course a mall underneath linking to the main one Bayside.

Malls not as over the top as Dubai but just as impressive.

Meeting number 14 behind a store on Pagoda street in the heart of Chinatown which is mental and mad busy, so 2 birds with one stone.


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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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