Day 96..Bang Bao..

What a brilliant day but not for the reasons you may think.

After time on the beach ( no pics, enough of that )

Reading about and doing step work at last, ( bit of heel dragging been going on ) it’s off down to Bang Bao as there is meeting this evening, need one, been a few weeks since Bangkok

Tricky bike ride including eeekkk hairpins. Seems like the peace and hippy bunch are down here, stopped off at deeee Rasta View man, sunset stylee.

Bang Bao is a funny place half of it is on stilts aside the seemingly endless pier.

It must be 700m from the actual boat part of the pier to the 7-11 store.

This is where I was not the only one hanging around like a lost lemon.

David was waiting too, 2 visitors, so we had our own meeting !

Ironically this was probably the best yet. From Kentucky and 30 years sober David had some fun and poiniant stories plus his advice was sound with an idea for my stop in Singapore.

Seems I was meant to stay on Ko Chang those extra days to be here with him !

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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