Days 65 & 66..Of reckoning.

Yays it finally burst, eeeewwww ! ( too much info ) Short bumpless rides and tentative cushion sitting after another day of nowt.

Had time to read and think. Today’s daily reflection struck a chord I was at a crossroads more than metaphorically. After 13 trains, 3 ferries, 6 flights, 8 buses, numerous taxi and tuk tuk finally the bumpy off road biking had finished off my battered behind.

Now I was planning to head on East to Cambodia & Vietnam then Hong Kong, hop the Pacific from Manila, cross the USA Los Angeles to Miami and home from Lisbon in another 60 odd days. 

Around the world how cool is that ?

Realising some self seeking and ego was going on my higher power intervened.

Pills, potions and pillows fine but I should get another “p” professionally advice.

The antibiotics worked a few months ago but that was England, a sedate lifestyle and cooler climate.

It is not me in pain but my wallet !! Seriously it’s the best £200 I have spent this trip. Proper service and doc, immediate sound advice and treatment. Can’t help but think in Bramley it would be blagging, begging or bunfighting for a 10 minute slot among all the lead swingers, benefit cheats and addicts. Then treatment in god only knows how long ! Notice how close the ATM is, clever.

Sooner or later it’s probable I will need surgery to remove the “fistula”. IV antibiotics and a raft of pills might clear it for good. In Bramley me thinks I would be fobbed off with cheap antibiotics, that’s it.

I will take a couple of short trips resting in-between, then home westerly early March. A sound plan and peace of mind, that’s true value, health is wealth. Also I have friends and Dom the Dog.

Greif and Stress Ko Samed Thailand

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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