Day 64..Silver Park Avenue.

The 15 buildings of Silver Park Avenue take up a considerable chunk of Na Dan. 11 are fully operational with more to be built frim scratch including the islands only bank and another supermarket, development has taken 4 years to this point and in 5 or so should be complete. 

It is more than likely that this area could change from a quiet sidestreet to the hub of the community. If so the demand for occupancy will change from residential and holiday lettings to commercial, I notice the electric company have a unit already.

This makes the area what seems to be a sound but unpredictable investment.

Buildings are constructed to a set format by Cambodian contractors, then modifications made such as mezzanine floors, this extra expense for the owners does not necessarily translate into higher capital value due to the future uncertainty.

Until such time that mains water supply comes to fruition large hotel, restaurant and retail chains will stay clear. This together with the national park and army sorting out things such as illegal construction, tightening of speed boat activity, alcohol consumption and early hour music this should prevent a lovely tropical island from becoming a full moon, all night rave destination with McDonalds, Starbucks and the like.

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