Day 58..Na Dan.

Just a few miles off the Thai coast Koh Samed is some 13 sq km. 7 km long in the shape an inverted letter “t” it’s population is around 3000 with the port town to the north east “Na Dan”.

At its heart is the King empire phase 1 ! Consisting of a parade of 7 rental units and a shack which as the nerve centre of a fledgeling island domination actually has Apple technology, wow.

Phase 2 of 9 units is partially built without full permission from the Royal Forest Department… court case pending. This high risk high return strategy does not stop “Rolf” King from persuading northern monkeys from parting with their hard earned moolah, as seen here.

Troy a self employed engineer from Manchester and I being recent victims.

This area will include a bank, supermarket and other community facilities. In the intervening 3 to 5 years the current centre is the main street running some 900m from the pier to the largest of 11 white sand beaches the island boasts.

At the beach end is Lima bar where the local “Gordon Gecko” hones his pool skills against unsuspecting tourists. Good practice indeed.

Beaches Ko Samed Thailand Towns & villages

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