Day 52 & 53.. Chennai to Bangkok.

Stroll around beach and town again for an extra atmosphere soak up before packing.

Taxi ride and airport lounge gives me time to reflect on Indian experience. The last 2 days and the beginning in Punjab were markedly different as they are not top of the tourist list. I think on balance I have managed to see through the rubbush, rubble, dust and dog shit. 

In the tourist areas I found the people intrusive, rude, slack and unhelpful. For example you just can’t shop normally, look at anything and they are all over you like a rash not letting go, then of course nothing has a price. Traffic is an eye-opener I could write just about that but it’s a total melee of no rules including traffic lights, etc. Every man for himself, this includes the pedestrians too. This behaviour translates itself into the street, in shops and stations and one does wonder the overall impact on their psyche. 

A minimum was type job in India pays about £75 a month, that is 2 night stay for me in one of their hotels, with no unemployment or pension benefit being a target is not surprising then. Considering why it is all different in Thailand will be interesting.

I will be wiping my feet on the way out ! 

When India is full please use the litter bin !

Joking aside that’s just the way it is, but why ?

Good night flight and a taxi share downtown with Paul from France. For me it’s 4 star for Dogmas.

Look who’s here to greet me, presents…

Nice try Jim and Jonny but no cigar.

Useable pavements, no animals in the road, no rubbish and browse shopping too, bliss.

Quick trip to Pat Pong for old times sake, just 2 red bulls & wallet staying full.

Hotels India Markets Planes shopping Thailand

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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