Day 50..Goa to Chennai.

Notice from their profile they have a pool. They don’t, they have access to the hotel 300m away, cheeky !

Pleasant enough for a few hours before packing.

My driver from yesterday didn’t turn up, no call either, is this because he is Indian or Muslim ? Both ? or Neither ?

 It’s ok left spare time as you do, especially here.Nice modern and clean airport, wonder how long that will last. Not long WiFi is shite ! Flight delayed an hour, no problem, nice Chai and a smoking room.

Just as I thought no more set backs a 90 minute traffic battle at Chennai with a driver in a beat up heap ripped me off, might only be for an extra 15 quid but that’s no the point, had a barney of course. Is it because he is Indian, Muslim, neither or both ?

Wow what a fab hotel, lovely staff, very clean and with beautiful grounds. 


WiFi lasted 10 minutes, wall socket broken, no bog roll.

Take a look… kettle on a phone on a chair ! Perhaps by the size of the chit they don’t want you online ?

Still best laugh, no more kicking off its futile, only a couple more days in this shithole, a good zzzzzz will help.


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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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