Day 48..Bogmallo.

My Indian SIM stopped working yesterday following messages and a failed reply.

I did try for half an hour to call Airtel whilst in Jaipur to no avail. Looks like I will have to visit a shop.

The young girls at the shop were useless and sent me to an office which we had to ask directions for twice. The girl although helpful was clueless and suprise surprise suggested a new SIM, after my protests the manager came. He was a twat full of excuses and a fob off to the main office in Panaji. I do hope the young lady’s grasp of English was poor as she witnessed a tirade of vile abuse before a stormed out kicking the door.

Back at the beach 2 hours and a taxi tenner later…….Did I need a drink ? No, my first foot in the sea after 6 weeks away will suffice.

Nice beach, fairly clean ( probably the Portuguese influence ) quiet, a couple of dozen people and a handful of cattle over 1 km.

And a sunset too, feeling more serene already !

40 minutes to a meeting, soz can’t be arsed. Tarka dal and nan followed by a movie on HBO.

Beaches Greif and Stress India Taxis

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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