Day 37.. Amritsar to New Delhi.

Seems lots of things are difficult to get or do in India but sikh and you shall find!

Cigarettes are like rocking horse shit in Amritsar because of the temple, paid £4 a pack ( through the nose ) on the black market.

Got a SIM tho with passport, visa and hotel letter, from the main Airtel outlet. Cheap as chippatis £9 for a month of gig a day.

My way of touching them with a smile of peace…photos. Wow how warm and welcoming they all are.

Took a trip to the border with Pakistan to see a show. Well it’s a sort of mock windup between the guards on both sides, brilliant.

Kashmira a visiting Sikh from America filled me in. Including the Indian girls dancing like crazy because the Pakistani women are not allowed, fascinating.

Sleeper train seems like a good idea….no. Not recommended unless you get pissed to be able to sleep. Noisy, cramped, dirty. Smelly squat toilets don’t help.

 Train was 21.25 getting in at 07.05 but got behind, I didn’t know, so when I disembarked at 7.10 we were only in Ghaziabad, no info, no signs not even on the platform grrrrr. In hindsight Google maps since I now have a SIM. Another 75 minutes and 2 taxis later ( first had no licence for Delhi) I get a full sleep at the Taj Princess with an early check-in.

India People Shows Trains

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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