Day 34 and 35..Dubai to Amritsar.

Steady days after yesterday’s marathon. 2 more towers the HHHR and the twin Emirates.

One of the Emirates is a hotel, opulent with its own exclusive mall. Posh English got me to the bar on the 51st floor where there was just James and I, views over the city to the sea. Not even tempted to have a shot of JD in my coke.

Tad more mall, cool to have a tank as a shop window, fishing for bargains ?!

Thats nowt, being Dubai, the whole hog and then some is an big aquarium with a wave shaped screen the size of an IMAX, off the scale man.

Easily found another meeting at Caribou coffee at ground level. Topic for discussion was anger, what is that ?

I loved Dubai, blew me away totally. Experiencing man’s current acheivments after those of old was refreshing.

5am flight yuk, managed an hour zzzzzz. Immigration not only queues but apparently I wasn’t there! Got the passport stamp but system says I never arrived, took half an hour to sort, made flight at last call. Doddle, minimum stress. The airport is so big you need a train to get to the gate !

Just 3 hours in the air and a quick ride in the bonkers traffic to my hotel for a belated shut eye.

Found an agent which was priority as the Indian Rail system is complex and the websites beyond me. Seeing them tomorrow with a plan, just time for a walkabout.

Clean pedestrian streets with market stalls, and mucky backstreets.

Oh no ! Road closed due to works, look again, we can walk round the trench, health and safety second to none.

Doggy is not bothered.

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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