Vaccines and Victims

Injections please, not my eyes poked out !!!!

eye needle

Me : I need Tetnus, Typhoid, Diptheria and Hepatitis A vaccines.

Doctor : Just make an appointment with Lisa the nurse on your way out.

Me: I need to make an appointment with Lisa.

Old bat of a Receptionist : What for ?

Me: Travel Vaccinations.

Receptionist : We don`t do them here.

Me: But the doctor said….

Receptionist : He is wrong, we don`t do them.

Me: Can you tell me who does ?

Receptionist: We don`t do them.

Me: I will take that as an F off then.

nhs jabs10 minutes later after Shout by Tears for Fears was on the car radio !!

Me: Do you do travel Vacciniations?

Nice bloke at Robin Lane Clinic: Yes, but only for our own patients.

Me: Can you tell me where i can get them on the NHS.

Nice bloke: From your GP.

Me: Just been there.

Nice bloke: Ahhh its a funding thing you see, some GP`s have opted out, there is a network called MASTA.

Me: I need Travel Vaccinations

Mitchells (MASTA): You need to come for a consultation.

Me: I know what I need.

Mitchells: We only do it with a £20 consultation payable upfront.

Me: Thanks, I will leave it.

Result……good old Boots on Friday £65 but there is a shortage of Hep A, nobody has any !!!

IMG_20171026_101648230 (1)

Got all my prescription pills and Malaria tabs too, another £32 OUCH.









Health Preperation

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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