Departing 2nd November

The heavy rain the other day persuaded me to be a pussy and give Russia a miss, brrrrrr too cold.

Could do the Trans Siberian Express another time or on the way back.


So it`s Leeds to Kings Cross, next London to Paris by Eurostar, then onto Marseille for the first day, Global interrail pass bought, £325 for 15 days in a month. Value compared to £4.20 for 20 minutes to Ilkley !

Going to play it by ear when I can but need to plan ways to India (D on map below and blue arrows) , Visas and safety essential.

dangers and VisasOn my quest to avoid flight stress it seems obvious to head to Baku in Azerbaijan (A on Map) from Turkey, an alternative is to take a ferry from Odessa and avoid the Crimea problem. Transit from Iran into Pakistan is stupid (Red are areas where travel is deemed dangerous by the home office).  There is a ferry from Baku to Turkmen but Visa there is a piss take, going over the top into Kazakstan is a longway and in Almaty (B) night temperature is -6 in December !

Looks like an airport eeeekkkk Baku to Either Islamabad or Lahore in Pakistan (C), might have to stopover in Dubai, what a shame !

Maps Preperation Route Safety Visas

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Traveling and staying off the booze.

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  1. I hope you are not going to wear those *kin cargo shorts at all on your trip , they should be a fashion crime in Blighty , you get 3 months in Dubai for avoiding a drink spill according to the news today , those shorts in most countries would ( should ) mean the death penalty , just saying !

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